Out of town? 

Home Watch Services for absentee owners of condos and homes. 


Harsh weather, vandalism, squatters, natural wear and tear, activities in your neighborhood you should know about, or services not provided in the right time or quality. 


Prevent damage: 

During our Home Watch visits we check your condo or house, your vehicles a/o your dock for signs of damage or other irregularities and keep an eye on your neighborhood or your tenants. Discover potential damage early and keep intruders and squatters away. Stormy Weather? Before a storm we can prepare your home and after we can check the property and deliver a damage report. 


How often do we check?

Regular (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly) during long term absences or one time checks (e.g. after a storm) or as many times as you wish (e.g. during a business trip or vacation). We can also take care of your pet and your indoor plants.


How do we check?

We check diligently according to a detailed checklist as well as with common sense. Ensure continuity of care, inside and outside, adhering to your house rules.


How are you informed?

Immediate electronic report after each check with pictures and time stamp.


You benefit: having a reliable partner on site that acts 100% in your interest whyle you are awayWe can be your contact for services, contractors, local authorities or your guests. We will help you to comply with the city code or HOA's rules and avoid trouble. We take care of your home as if it was our own.


Besthomechecker serves the areas:

Grossraum Zürich, including the city of Zürich, right and left border of the lake of Zurich, Kanton Schwyz, Kanton Zug


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